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Our Partners

If you’re a business or company interested in partnering with us, we’d be honored to explore the
possibilities together. Get in touch with us today to discuss collaboration opportunities!

Red Cymbols

‘Red Cymbals’ are an Australian company whose cymbals are handcrafted in our factory in Istanbul Turkey using methods that are part of a time honoured tradition, spanning many centuries since the 1600’s. We work with drummers who admire quality and excellence. Red Cymbals cater for a range of styles and sound from Dark, Dry, Trashy to Bright and can customise cymbals to suit your sound. Red Cymbals has a vision of ‘putting people first’, promoting the development of a community of drummers who come together and have each others backs in good and challenging times.

Australian Christian Records

Australian Christian Records is Australia’s first indie record label 100% dedicated to fresh
pop music for Christians born this side of 2000.

Encounter Lutheran College

We collaborate with senior school music program and students at ELC, offering an immersive
experience in music production. Through sessions at school and in our studio, students learn
essential studio protocols, techniques, and gain hands-on experience with industry-standard
equipment and software. They receive comprehensive training on operating Digital Audio
Workstation (DAW) sessions and record their own compositions, guided every step of the way.
This program equips students with practical skills and insights into the music industry, preparing
them for future endeavours.

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