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Our Team

Luke Ridley LRSL :

Producer / Audio Mixer / Professional Bassist / Guitarist / Vocalist


  • Licentiate Diploma of Professional Performance Bass Guitar minoring in Vocals (Distinction)  – Rockschool London
  • Grade 8 Guitar (Distinction) – Rockschool London
  • Grade 8 Band – Rockschool London
  • Grade 7 Theory – Rockschool London

Luke Ridley’s musical journey began with seven years of violin before transitioning to electric instruments in his teens. Over the past eight years, he has pursued internationally recognised qualifications and honed his skills within the music industry. From achieving distinctions in bass, vocals, and guitar to mastering popular music theory, Luke has cultivated a diverse skill set encompassing songwriting, arranging, and music production. Now a versatile singer, songwriter, arranger, and music producer, Luke’s vision is to create a space where artists of all backgrounds can thrive, finding inspiration and bringing their sound to life. Through the establishment of Ridley Farm Studio, Luke has crafted an in-demand studio, attracting Australian artists seeking quality, value, and exceptional output. Regardless of your genre, style, or level of experience, Luke Ridley offers a world-class experience in music. Whether you require a session musician, live performance, or the expertise of a producer and sound engineer, Luke is committed to delivering excellence and bringing your musical vision to fruition.

Jordy and Doc

Meet Jordy and Doc, the dynamic duo and official studio dogs at our recording studio! Jordy and Doc may not operate the mixing board, but they’re experts at creating a pawsitive atmosphere. Their roles include providing cuddles, snoozing through tracking sessions (with expert-level snoring), and spreading joy to our clients. With their wagging tails and unconditional love, they’re an integral part of our team, always ready to lend a paw and make every session a tail-wagging success!

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